as I mentioned on Monday, tonight is my rank testing in shootfighting. This can also be titled “a test of pain.” Basically, it’s going to be a lot of repitition of techniques. That actually isn’t to bad, except my cardio as of late is suckin’ lots of wind. I’m not worried about completing the test. I still have enough go in me to make it through all of the push-ups and stomach work. I’m a little concered about the sparring though. My prediction: PAIN. I haven’t been doing to bad with the kickboxing (and this is the real stuff… no cardio junk here. If the exercises and punching and kicking really tire me out though, I may get beat like a red headed step child.


I have to head into a, grrrrr, all day all hands on meeting, so I probably won’t be posting much of anything today. However, you can check out pictures from the Midieval Times Trip I took a couple weeks ago.