Brief blog

There’s one of those catchy t-shirt/mug phrases that goes something like “of I the things I’ve lost it’s my mind I miss the most.” As of late I keep thinking of that phrase, but instead of mind, I use free time. It just feels like it’s all gone. The play really knocked me for a loop; so much so, that I’ve still be reluctant to write about it. Since then work has really heated up. That’s only been compounded by the fact that during the play and immediately after I wasn’t performing up to my usual level. So I feel like I’ve got a lot to make up for.

But probably the biggest thing is that I’ve been realizing that I’ve been taking a lot of people for granted and I feel really bad about that. And trying to find the time to even think about how to fix that situation seems to be beyond me right now.

But while things might seem bleak, there’s a lot of good going on too. Works, while crazy, has been pretty good. Things with Drea have been great. I’ve been making real martial arts progress. And Ben and Jerry’s keeps turning out great flavors. I highly recommend:

Apple Crumble ™

Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Cinnamon Streusel, Apples & a Caramel Swirl

Brown Sugar Ice Cream! How cool is that???!!