Ok, so in perhaps the saddest or the funniest moment of the job hunt so far, I was told last night that I don’t have enough qualifications to work at a coffee shop. Oy. She was nice enough about it. Its a funny feeling to learn that for all one’s professional and academic achievements, you may not be quite ready to make a good cup of joe. Either that or they fear some type of epic espresso machine disater… “the goggles… dey do nudthing!”

I’ve also made a lot of progress in updating my resume, which was in sorry shape. This came out of one of those moments of realization. On Friday I looked at my resume, the one I was so proud of, and suddenly noticed that it sucked. I was trying to make the poor thing try to convery WAY too much information. So I’ve split it into four tighter and sleeker targeted resumes. I’m looking forward to see who will bite!